Friday, February 20, 2009

Indian Idol 4 Final Gala Round before Indian Idol Final

Tonight ie on 20 february is Indian Idol 4 Final Gala Round. Special guest for the occasion are Abhishek Bacchan and Sonam Kapoor and they are here as Delhi-6 has finally been released and maybe they want to promote it after release. As we know the music of Delhi-6 was also released on the sets of Indian Idol.

The first candidate to come on stage was Torsha Sarkar.

She sang :- Do Lafjo ki hai Kahani and Raat Baki Baat Baki got all greens. In fact Javed Saab commented that this was one of the finest performance on this stage till now.

Next turn was of Kapil Thapa and he sang

Yeh Hawaein Julfon mein teri.
Pyar mein dil pe maar de goli

Sourabhee sang

Tere mere milan ki ye naina
Krazy Kiya Re

Overall the performances were ok and not that great. Also it wasn't looking like Indian Idol but AD Idol with so much time spent on displaying advertisements.

The episode of 20th february of Indian Idol 4 is the final Gala round and there will be one final performance on 27th february

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